Landscapes Landmarks and the Surreal

Photography                      by Andy Coleman


I live in the Weald of West Kent area, England

Photography is great for recording events or for online social interaction. But I consider photography as an art form that can be natural, naive, concocted, expanded, reduced, fantasised and visually stimulating.

My prefered photographic subject is the landscape that surrounds us, landmarks and surreal images that are a composite of my existing work.

Having fairly basic equipment I try to keep things simple (I tend to use just three different lenses), and not get lost in the high end technical process of photography.

The Times Citizen Traveller Entry (Police Station on the Pier)

I have been fortunate in that my work has been displayed in the photographic gallery of the V&A in London and various art venues across the country. I have won a number of photographic competitions the most recent of which was the Times citizen traveller, where my winning picture was published in the Times newspaper. My images have also been published in various other newspapers, magazines, books and travel publications such as the Berlitz pocket guide series.

I have been basking in the glory of this success ever since, to the point of people leaving the room if I happen to mention this too often!

In my other life, I design, make and restore furniture. Please take a look at my Designs in Wood website. 

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